Therapy Manager
Betsi Cadwaladr University Heath Board Therapy Manager Case Study


The North Wales Trust operates from 3 district general hospitals, 22 other acute and community hospitals, and a network of over 90 health centres, clinics, community health team bases and mental health units. Together, they provide a full range of Acute, Community and Mental Health Services to a geographically diverse population of over 676,000 people across the six counties of North Wales as well as some parts of mid Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire.


The Trust used a variety of methods to capture patient activity and clinical workload in across all Therapy professions, which included a mixture of paper-based documentation and standalone, unlinked systems. As clinics and centres were widely distributed across a large geographical area, inconsistent working practices and statistical outputs meant comparison between services and teams was difficult.

The Clinical team in Therapy Services felt there was an excellent opportunity to improve patient outcomes by re-engineering existing paper-based processes and providing clinicians with appropriate systemic support. In addition, they wanted to ensure that clinicians had the tools at hand to practice safely and with full compliance to HPC standards of conduct, performance and ethics.


The implementation of Therapy Manager has delivered considerable changes to the provision of Therapy Services within the Trust. It has delivered a operational benefits across Therapy Services by supporting process-redesign.


Operational Benefits

  • Enhanced patient/clinician communication
  • Improved clinical practice and documentation
  • Support of structured assessment process for clinical activities and mitigates risk
  • Assurance that patients are dealt with in a timely and professional manner
  • Total auditability of the patient journey
  • Referral to Treatment (RTT) Improvement - since deploying Therapy Manager RTT in Physiotherapy has decreased by 36%

Management & Service Transformation

  • Clinical management can accurately monitor performance and make informed decisions
  • Caseload management and pathway tracking is supported
  • Provision of tools to monitor pathways and pinpoint service transformation opportunities
  • Savings against administration time and process
  • Systemic peace of mind for clinical management

Flexible & Effective Working

  • Cross team and service scheduling and appointment booking is supported
  • Multiple sites, staff and services are monitored from a unified system
  • Consistent view of the patient record across professions and sites
  • Offline working and data synchronisation supported
  • Operational over wireless and cellular networks
  • Automated document creation and coding
  • Minimisation of unnecessary paperwork and job satisfaction improved

Knowledge Skills Framework

  • Clinical managers supported in identifying the knowledge and mix of skills required to meet quality and capacity requirements
  • Managers and clinicians are guided in their professional development
  • Provision of a fair and objective basis to review and plan development
  • Identification of practices which have limited clinical effectiveness


Provision of real-time performance reporting on a whole host of parameters, including but not limited to: Activity & cross-service caseload, Absence, Waiting Times, Resource Availability, Budgets, Capacity, DNA’s and Returners

Corporate Benefits

The Trust estimates that Therapy Manager has helped to generate accrued cost savings of £1.5 million in the three years following original deployment of the software.

  • Activity is up and accurately monitored against contract
  • Waiting Lists are validated, prioritised and immediately actionable
  • Resources have been deployed more productively and locum costs have been materially reduced
  • Robust data is available at clinicians fingertips to facilitate service modernisation and add competencies to posts informing KSF and job outlines
  • Reporting is simpler, less time consuming and more decision-oriented
  • The Trusts application of technology has positioned it at the forefront of innovation in Therapies
Open Quote Therapy Manager is the most significant advancement in improving clinical practice, patient safety and value for money within the Therapy professions that I have experienced in the last 29 years... Close Quote

Iain Mitchell, Clinical Director of Therapy Services