Tinder Foundation wins £1bn contract to train patients online

Tinder Foundation wins £1bn contract to train patients online

It has been revealed that The Tinder Foundation have won a £1 billion contract to train 50,000 patients in the UK in how to use online health services.

The announcement is in response to a NHS England tender which was issued in July and worth up to £2 billion. The directive aims to train 100,000 to use online health services as part of NHS England’s Health Online Programme.

Working with NHS Choices, the foundation will develop a specialised online course for patients alongside support within local communities.The project is to begin straight away, with only seven months to deliver its aims.

The Tinder Foundation already works with a network of 5000 UK online centres such as libraries and community centres via contracts it has with other government agencies to improve people’s digital skills. Of these, 500 centres will become hubs for specialist online courses and events aimed at improving health skills online.

Tinder Foundation’s chief executive Helen Milner said: “We would like to link with health professionals as our expertise is in digital inclusion so we want them to bring their expertise on health inclusion and improving health outcomes”.

“Through events and campaigns we will be ensuring that 100,000 people understand that they can get access to health information online and do some simple transactions online,” she continued. “It’s definitely very good value for money for NHS England because its creating synergy with the digital skills work that we already do.”

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