Spiral Health pioneer rehabilitation Feedback System

Spiral Health pioneer rehabilitation Feedback System

A rehab unit in the north-west is pioneering a feedback system which is thought to be a superior alternative to the NHS “Friends and Family” test.

Spiral Health’s  rehabilitation unit in Blackpool uses an innovative system called “Working Together for Change” which gathers meaningful, qualitative feedback from patients and then allows them to decide their own priorities for change within the unit.

Unlike the Friends and Family test which is a closed questionnaire asking simply for yes and no answers, Spire’s approach begins with bedside interviews. Each patient is asked to talk to us about two things that are working, two things that are not working and two things that people would like to see if they came back to the unit again.

The feedback received, both negative and positive, is put on display in the reception area in a way that highlights the issues raised and what measures are being taken as a result.

Cheryl Swan, clinical director of Spiral Health, states that as a result of the programme, significant changes have been made.

“We've already made significant changes to our menu, personalised our exercise regimes and implemented a policy of zero-tolerance on unanswered bells. Over the past few months, I've also researched options for extra soft mattress toppers and arranged for wi-fi to be available. We have conducted a full run-through of the process twice in the last six months and plan to continue with the same frequency. Eighty per cent of our patients are now being interviewed during their stay and we aim to achieve 100% as soon as possible” Swan said.

Original Source The Guardian

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