“Physiotherapy on wheels” London from London Skateboarder

“Physiotherapy on wheels” London from London Skateboarder


A community Physiotherapist in London is using his skateboard to provide “Physiotherapy on wheels”.

Dylan Woodhead, a band 5 Rotational Physiotherapist, works in Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust's community falls prevention service.

Since September he has been using his skateboard to travel to patients’ homes in the West London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. He said his unique approach saves time and enables him to reach patients more quickly.

“London is completely different to anywhere else in the country, as we have to rely solely on public transport. So I use buses and the tube when I have to, but I get from A to B much faster when I also use my skateboard.’said Mr Woodhead.

Since he started skating to appointments Mr Woodhead said he has cut as much as 15 minutes off some journey times and, unlike a bike, his board is small enough to take on public transport and does not need to be locked up.

In addition to the public perception that skateboarding is just for tricks, Mr Woodhead also states the merits of it promoting good proprioception, balance, muscle strength and agility

“As a professional I use it sensibly and from a practical point of view it’s a great mode of transport. I feel I am an ambassador for the falls service as I live, eat and skate balance” Mr Woodhead said.


Original Source The CSP

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