Physiotherapists sharing ideas key to NHS restructuring

Physiotherapists sharing ideas key to NHS restructuring

Improving outcomes for patients in the NHS can only be achieved if Physiotherapists are willing to share their ideas for restructuring the health service.

This statement is according to Shelagh Morris, the Deputy Chief Allied Health Professions (AHP) officer at NHS England. Speaking at a English regional networks development event at the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy’s (CSP) headquarters, she asserted that Physiotherapists have key insights to the structure of rehabilitation services.

Specifically, Morris believes that Physiotherapists can have an impact on rolling out seven-day working across the NHS, and are cornerstones of other key development such as telehealth and telecare. Communication however, both internally and externally, of these idea is something that the service needs to focus on specifically.

“We are very good at the invention, but not always at adoption and we don’t always disseminate those improvements,” said Ms Morris.

“So how can we improve on that? Within AHP services, we have a lot of examples of where services could be improved by innovating. We have self-referral, for example, but it’s not being adopted everywhere that it potentially could be.”

It is hoped that going forward, there can be more collaboration between members of the CSP and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), but more work needs to be done to ascertain how this can be achieved.

Original Source The CSP

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