Philips and Accenture deliver Google Glass proof-of-concept

Philips and Accenture deliver Google Glass proof-of-concept

Philips and Accenture have announced a proof-of-concept that uses Google Glass technology to deliver patient data to doctors.

The proof-of-concept was created by researchers from Philips’ new Digital Accelerator Lab in collaboration with researchers from Accenture Technology Labs as part of a project to explore the potential use of Google Glass in clinical settings. The head-mounted Google device was connected to Philips IntelliVue Solutions to deliver clinical information in a hands-free manner.

Demonstrations indicate how a doctor wearing the display could simultaneously monitor a patient’s vital signs and react to surgical procedural developments without having to turn away from the patient. The display also enables the remote monitoring of vital signs, and allows clinicians enlist assistance from other staff in a multitude of other locations.

It is hoped that further work on the project could address the following issues:

  • Accessing a near real-time feed of vital signs in Google Glass

  • Summoning images and other patient data by clinicians from anywhere in the hospital

  • Accessing a pre-surgery safety checklist

  • Allowing clinicians to view the patient in the recovery room after surgery

  • Conducting live, first-person point-of-view videoconferences with other surgeons or medical personnel

  • Recording surgeries from a first-person point-of-view for training purposes

Michael Mancuso, CEO of Patient Care and Clinical Informatics at Philips Healthcare, said: “this research explores how doctors can achieve better access to the right information at the right time so they can focus on more efficient and effective patient care."

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