OpenHeart wins Oxford NHS Hack Day

OpenHeart wins Oxford NHS Hack Day

An NHS Hack Day Event has been held in Oxford on the 26-27th of January, with the winning development being an open source electronic patient record (EPR) for cardiologists.

The event brought together over 150 healthcare professionals and software developers who were invited to collaborate on current problems or existing strategies for the NHS. With clinical input, groups of developers were encouraged to submit ideas and rapidly build and prototype software solutions.

Fourteen submissions were made to the judging panel, which included author of the "Bad Science" column Dr Ben Goldacre, chief data officer NHS Commissioning Board Dr Geraint Lewis, and associate director of the Health Foundation Elaine Maxwell.

The winning project termed “OpenHeart” is a collaborative open source EPR project led by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Borne from the fact that multiple clinicians often work on the same patient leading to confusion and duplication of details, the system allows cardiologists to access and log data in one centralised place. The system includes an illustration tool, so if a patient has a bypass the doctor can easily add a drawing of it, and can also be used for prescriptions and electronic discharge letters.

NHS Hack Day organiser Dr Carl Reynolds said the aim of the weekend was to improve patient care through improving NHS IT, and commented “we’ve got a lot of support and commitment from the NHS to actually get some of these projects off the ground.

The next NHS Hack Day will be held in Cambridge.

Original Source eHealth Insider

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