NHS Staff spend 10 hours a week on “bureaucracy”

NHS Staff spend 10 hours a week on “bureaucracy”


A Government Review has found that NHS staff spend an average of 10 hours per week on “bureaucracy”, a third of which is unnecessary.

The review by the NHS Confederation suggests that more than £1 billion a year is spent by the health service collecting and checking data, with 70% of staff reporting that the burden of paperwork has risen in the past five years. The bureaucratic process is seen to waste clinician’s time significantly, and is attributed primarily to duplication and poor use of technology.

Clinical staff interviewed for the review said they spent up to 10 hours a week collecting or checking data - more than a quarter of their average week - and that more than one third of the work was neither useful nor relevant to patient care. Approximately 25% of the bureaucratic demands came from national bodies, such as regulators and NHS England, with the rest coming from NHS trusts or other organisations.

It is also thought that the dissolution of 150 Primary Care Trusts into 210 Clinical Commissioning Groups has also increased the amount of bureaucracy, despite the original intention being to streamline many processes.

The review described “a lack of clarity of roles and responsibilities, resulting in duplicated requests”.

Dr Karen Castille, NHS Confederation Associate Director, said: “In a modern health service, the collection and analysis of data must be timely, accurate and useful, and not out of proportion to the benefit it brings to patients and staff.

“In our detailed research, clinical staff reported that they spend between two and 10 hours each week dealing with data. It is critical that we ensure this is not wasted time by extracting every ounce of value from it and turning it into helpful information that can be used to improve care.”

Original Source The Telegraph

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