NHS England and FDA to launch health apps framework

NHS England and FDA to launch health apps framework

NHS England have announced that they are working with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) an a framework to regulate health apps.

Last month, the FDA issued its final guidance on regulating health apps in the US, and now NHS England is looking to follow in the same direction. Inderjit Singh, Head of Enterprise Architecture at NHS England, said it wants to define a set of standards for clinician facing apps.

“As part of some bilateral US-UK work, we’re looking work directly with the FDA to identify points of convergence and harmonisation to complement each other. Over the next few months we’re looking at this, and hope to come up with an overall framework for this” Singh said.

NHS England’s app strategy is divided into four different strands:


  1. Patient facing apps

  2. Clinician facing apps

  3. Open source and API development

  4. Market making


In March this year, NHS England launched a health apps library, which now includes around 150 apps that have been vetted by clinical safety engineers as “trusted apps”. This library will eventually become part of the new NHS Choices platform.

“There are thousands of apps out there, and the quality and safety of the apps aren’t looked at when it comes to criteria for getting into an app store. It’s about how do we help consumers understand which apps aren’t going to cause them any harm” Singh said.

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