Lambeth launch Connect and Do website for Mental Health

Lambeth launch Connect and Do website for Mental Health

A website has been launched aimed at bringing together mental health service users, helping them to share information aimed at supporting their self-managed care.

The Connect and Do website is a tool in the borough of Lambeth that helps users to connect with other people, do something fun, and build relationships with one another.

Through signing up with their email address, users can register and explore their interests, and it utilises this information to present relevant activities across the London area. Events at fitness clubs and spiritual groups for example can bring people together through shared interests and a desire to meet new people. Users can also explore different organisations providing these activities, and can help to track their progress and pursue personal goals, such as growing their social networks online and in real life.

Backed by a volunteer community, low level support is then offered for people who need extra help, both for website support and at events. These individuals act as buddies to accompany users to groups to help them to make the first step.

It is thought that the website encourages independence and social interactions without creating another high level service intervention. It is intended to help service users to build the confidence to find their own support networks: friendships.

“We wanted the site to be personalised for each user and reactive to their needs, presenting a coherent picture of what they do and who they know. The site allows them to map their connectedness and diagnose how 'healthy' their social network is. With volunteer support, they can plan how they might grow their social networks by setting personal goals, picking out local opportunities and recording their progress. They can share everything they do with the professionals that support them – if they choose” said Nicholas Campbell-Watts, the Director of the Mental Health Service for Certitude.

Original Source The Guardian

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