“Healthtech Startup School” for NHS working opens in January

“Healthtech Startup School” for NHS working opens in January

The BCS Chartered Institute for IT has teamed up with TechUK to run a “healthtech startup school” to assist companies wanting to work with the NHS.

Starting next January, the school will run seven sessions with speakers from companies, entrepreneurs and NHS experts who will share their knowledge and experience from how to build a strategy to selling to the NHS. In each session, expert speakers will explain how to tackle the key challenges and seasoned entrepreneurs will share their own experience of working with the service.


The school has been set up to support and drive innovation throughout the health service, and revolutionise business for third parties. Currently, many small companies report great difficulties in working with the NHS, making it fairly inaccessible, and giving the monopoly to larger companies.


Dr Justin Whatling, chair of BCS Health, said: “There is no denying that working with a complex organisation like the NHS has challenges, however, we need to help more small, innovative companies to get the knowledge, skills and connections to overcome any barriers”.


“Our ultimate aim is to help them to make their solutions available within the NHS as well as private healthcare and directly to the public at large.”


“Healthy living, clinical practice and patient care can all be improved further by effective technology solutions that create fresh insights not just for doctors, but for patients, nurses, care workers and lifestyle service providers alike.”


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