Five Tips to Drive Change in the NHS

Five Tips to Drive Change in the NHS

With the health landscape changing as a result of needing to deliver more for less, the NHS must look towards innovation to become a more sustainable organisation.

Writing for the Guardian, strategy consultants Vivek Madan and Pedro Sanches state that there are a number of key strategies that the NHS can adopt in order to embrace sustainability:

1. Be flexible and tailor solutions to fit specific local needs

The NHS needs to fundamentally change its approach to programme adoption, understanding that one-size-fits-all, top-down approaches have proven to be unsuccessful time and again. Large scale failures like the National Programme for IT should be looked at as a learning experience, and not replicated.

2. Be in the driving seat of innovation

The focus should be on building capabilities to develop innovative, integrated care solutions rather than providing ingredients for the NHS.

3. Be willing to take more risks on outcomes

Higher risk solutions are often disregarded, but in many cases, true innovation can only be gleaned from a significant amount of disruption.

4. Be realistically ambitious

Sometimes the best approach is to start small, learn from the mistakes of the past and replicate initiatives that have proven a success.

5. Be a partner, not a supplier

It is pivotal to invest more time and effort in helping the government to transform the NHS, not just reactively, but responding to policy proposals.

“The journey will not be easy, but its success will be critical for the prosperity and wellbeing of the country. The time for providers to act is now” Madan and Sanches assert.

Original Source The Guardian

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