Experience Effects of Dementia Via Facebook

Experience Effects of Dementia Via Facebook

All Facebook users can now virtually experience what life would be like if they had dementia, in a campaign by Alzheimer’s Research UK  to raise awareness for the disease.

The desktop app is called The FaceDementia, and it works by temporarily taking control of your personal data on facebook such as photos and status updates. The app starts erasing important memories before your eyes, which resembles just how dementia affects the brain.

The real facebook page and its contents remain untouched.
They have also made some short videos available, featuring real people who are affected by dementia explaining the effects the disease has had on them or their loved ones.


Rebecca Wood, chief executive of Alzheimer's Research UK, said: "Facebook's appeal is that it can gather your friends and family and keep them close, with memories and contacts all contained within one space. It also develops a diary of your life since you joined the site and documents your thoughts and musings during that time.

"We wanted to use these Facebook features to illustrate how those thoughts and memories can be confused, or forgotten altogether, as experienced by some of the hundreds of thousands of people across the UK living with dementia.

"Stigma around dementia is due in part to a lack of public awareness and understanding, so FaceDementia will be invaluable in helping people better understand the condition."

We here at Pathway Software strongly urge that you give this powerful app a try and share it with your family and friends.


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