Elsevier publish Clinical Key resource for clinicians

Elsevier publish Clinical Key resource for clinicians

A “Clinical Insight Engine” is being launched which aggregates information and guidance from medical textbooks and journals into one online resource for Healthcare Professionals.

“Clinical Key” is currently being produced by the scientific publishers Elselvier who assert the resource will cover 700 textbooks and 400 medical journals including The Lancet and Cell. Furthermore, additional resources will be available in the form of commentary from medical experts, videos, images, MEDLINE abstracts and selected third-party journals.

Clinicians will be able to search for content by a number of parameters including content type, specialty and by relevant clinical categories such as treatment and diagnosis. The structure will allow for quick movement between general topic summaries and specific in-depth information.

After conducting research into clinician’s searching habits, Elsevier revealed 80% of clinicians regularly use Google as an information source, second only to journals (86%). Concerns have however been voiced from the use of search engines for medical advice as there may be questions about the reliability of the source. Furthermore, clinicians report that it is imperative that all information be kept up to date, which cannot be guaranteed from generic search tools.

Elsevier state that the two year long project that produced Clinical Key rose from the fact that clinicians reported a lack of peer-reviewed content that was quick to access.

Senior Vice-President for e-solutions, Sebastian Vos, said that the aim for the future was to create greater levels of localisation with extra local content and context, including information such as local formularies. Work is also being carried out to make Clinical Key available via iPad and iPhone apps in the autumn of 2012 and also to make it available for integration into electronic record systems.

A 30 day free trial of Clinical Key is available for institutions.

Original Source eHealth Insider

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