Dr Foster Project shares Hospital Data to Improve Quality

Dr Foster Project shares Hospital Data to Improve Quality


A new project is underway to better share and compare data between hospitals to drive up quality and outcomes for patients.

The Dr Foster Intelligence's global comparators project is an international collaboration which so far has allowed 40 hospitals across Europe, Australia and the US to share data. It allows staff across a wide range of disciplines will now be able to directly compare what happens in hospitals abroad with what is happening in the UK.

Cost and quality metrics can now be monitored on a global scale, including:

  • Mortality rates

  • Length of stay

  • Re-admission

  • Complication rates

Some of the first project participants were University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW), were able to compare their performance on heart attack patients with Yale New-Haven Hospital in the US. By studying how patients were managed in Yale New-Haven and adopting many of their methods, UHCW has achieved a 25% reduction rate in emergency patient mortality.

The first tentative findings from the global comparators project are now beginning to appear in academic journals. US hospitals are found to have had the lowest in-hospital mortality rates; but that is partly due to shorter lengths of stay. When mortality rates for stroke patients were compared including discharged patients, previous differences disappeared. US hospitals also had a higher 30-day re-admission rate than other participating hospitals – 9.4% compared with 6.6% in England and 4.9% in the other hospitals.

Craig Mason, executive vice-president at Dr Foster Intelligence, said: “The use of data to drive improvements in performance is still in its relative infancy in the healthcare sector, but projects such as global comparators are setting the standard for what is achievable. Thanks to the availability of data, patients around the world will continue to experience ever-greater improvements in the quality of care they receive.”

Original Source The Guardian

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