Ditch Your Car – Use your Legs!

Ditch Your Car – Use your Legs!

When we are advised to increase the level of physical activity in our lifestyles, physiotherapists, doctors and numerous online health experts recommend walking.

Health Educator and Fitness Instructor Nicole Nichols explains why:

  • Stronger Bones and Joints: Regular walking reduces the risk of hip fracture and increases bone density by about 2%.

  • Weight Control: Walking might seem too leisurely to bring about weight loss, however at the right pace it will seriously speed up your heart rate and therefore burn calories. Without a change in your diet, walking 1 to 2 miles daily will result in weight loss of about 5 pounds a year.

  • Improved Concentration: Walking will improve your overall cardio-respiratory fitness which increases blood flow to the brain, therefore resulting in improved concentration.

  • Feel Happier: People who included walking in their lifestyle report increased levels of positive mental and emotional satisfaction.

The key to achieving long term health benefits that walking has to offer is to make it part of your daily routine.

If the reasons above are not enough to convince you, I have noted a just a few more reasons why walking is simply great.

  • It’s Free

  • It’s An Excuse To Get A Coffee (or Cake)

  • You Can Be Alone

  • It’s A Good Way To Soak Up The Weather

  • You Can Rest Your Brain

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Catch Up With a Friend

  • Excuse To Buy New Shoes

  • You Can Daydream

So what are you waiting for? Get those walking shoes on.

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