CSP state NHS cuts “damaging” Physiotherapy care

CSP state NHS cuts “damaging” Physiotherapy care

A poll by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has found that Physiotherapists in the NHS believe that service restructuring is damaging patient care.

The survey which received 3082 responses polled the opinions of Physiotherapists on recent cost cutting measures across their departments. 88% also stated they felt the cuts were negatively affecting their professional standards. Due to recent NHS targets, 29% reported that their trust is cutting services in response to the drive to make savings.

It is feared that unless other ways to save money are found, the quality of patient outcomes could be sacrificed. Instead, the CSP is calling for:

  • More services aimed at the treatment and management of long-term conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  • Self-referral to physiotherapy services to be made more widely available, to remove the need for a GP visit

  • Faster access to occupational health services, such as physiotherapy, to help people stay in work, or return to their jobs as quickly as possible

  • The rollout of falls prevention programmes that help keep older people out of hospital

CSP chief executive Phil Gray said: “This survey paints a worrying picture of how many trusts are not planning ahead for the challenge of funding healthcare in the future. Simply cutting services means conditions that could have been treated quickly and effectively become chronic, long-term problems that will require more expensive treatment or care.”

“Commissioners are under enormous pressure but they must look at the bigger picture to protect patient care. Greater investment in community services will keep people healthy, out of hospital and living independently at home.”

Original Source CSP

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