Award success for 7-day Physio pilot

Award success for 7-day Physio pilot


An award-winning  ‘seven-day working’ pilot has been successfully held in Northern Ireland, with a reduction seen in patients waiting more than 24 hours for a physiotherapy assessment.

The trial carried out at Ulster Hospital, Dundonald ran from December 2012 to March 2013. The  multidisciplinary approach saw the amount of patients waiting more than a day fall from 22% to 7%.

It reduced the average length of time patients stayed in rehabilitation and medical beds from 48 to 38 days and improved communication between staff and carers. It helped the service to resources effectively, enhance treatment for patients and promote early discharges.

The pilot project won the multidisciplinary working award at the inaugural Northern Ireland Allied Health Professional Conference, held in Lisburn, County Antrim, on 23 October.

Jane Davidson, Clinical Lead for Physiotherapy Services at the hospital, said: “A big benefit was our ability to respond to weekend admissions, rather than people coming in late Friday and having to wait until Monday for their first assessment. So there was no pile of new referrals on a Monday and I think it created a less stressful working life for staff”.

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