3D Printed Body Parts Become Widely Available

3D Printed Body Parts Become Widely Available

3D printing has been around almost two decades, however only recently we’ve started exploring its full potential. From 3D printed cars to acoustic guitars, the possibilities of this technology seem to be truly endless.

One area that has really exploited this technology to the full is the printing of body parts. The detail that 3D printing can re-produce means that there is a whole new generation of body parts available. What’s even more impressive is that that they are becoming affordable, in some cases even more so than traditional prosthetics.

A teenager has received a bright pink prosthetic arm which was designed and produced by Biomedical Engineering students at Washington University in St. Louis. Amazingly the arm only cost $200 to produce as opposed to the $6000 for a prosthetic equivalent.

Another amazing story is that of Daniel Omar, a teenage boy who lost his hands in a bomb explosion. He received a 3D printed prosthetic arm which cost only $100 to produce.

One of the most amazing stories yet is that of a Dutch woman who had her skull replaced with a 3D printed implant. The woman was suffering from a condition where her skull was thickening and had become 3 times thicker than a normal human skull.

What other body parts are in the pipeline?

A UK based company called Fripp Design have been working with many different universities in order to create 3D printed eyes. They look incredibly real and be made to match the patients original eye colour.

Read more about about amazing cases of 3D body part printing here.

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