3 Ways to restore Staff faith in NHS IT and Tech

3 Ways to restore Staff faith in NHS IT and Tech

Despite smartphone and social media use becoming second nature, many NHS staff are still reluctant to realise the benefits of IT in a clinical setting. It is thought that there are a number of reasons for this, spanning from large scale failures such as the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), to poor project planning and roll-out.

Writing for The Guardian, CEO of healthcare IT company IMS MAXIMS Shane Tickell cites three ways that the NHS can restore staff faith in NHS IT.

1. Avoid technology overkill

Involving staff in the early stages of IT procurement means that it is less likely that unnecessary levels of complexity will be introduced. Systems need to take into account needs from a clinical perspective, and not just the requirements of reporting and data collection. Different staff in various positions are also at the advantage of offering unique insights into the service, and can pin-point specific areas that should be targeted by IT as a matter of priority. Large, all-encompassing IT projects can often fail due to complications and matters of scale, so start small and scale up.

2. Learn from the experience of others

Look to other services and Trusts in how they have implemented previous IT projects, both successful and failed instances. The growing pains have they already gone through in implementing a particular system can be indicative of success. Look to see how they can demonstrate how they have deployed a successful and working solution that is providing benefits for staff and patients alike.

3. Document successes

The creation of a central repository for organisations to document the work they have done, the skills and resource required and the outcomes of the IT project could be extremely beneficial. Tickell envisages a simple online library, arranged in chronological order, that could be accessed by any NHS professional that wanted to access information that enabled them to plan, implement and realise the benefits of a particular technology.

“Ultimately, like in virtually any other industry, having faith in a product or a system comes from past experiences and referrals from people you trust about what to expect. If the NHS had access to this in an easily digestible and accessible way, perhaps faith in technology would gradually be restored.”

Original Source The Guardian

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