£260m Tech Fund Allocations Delayed by ROI Demands

£260m Tech Fund Allocations Delayed by ROI Demands

An announcement of initial allocations from the £260 million “Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards” Technology Fund is thought to be being delayed by demands on the Return on Investment (ROI)  trusts must deliver.


An email was sent to NHS trusts that applied for funding last month by NHS England urging them to “bear with us a little longer”, but offering no update on when to expect an announcement, which was originally due by the end of October. Whilst the formal assessment process for successful applicants was concluded at the start of November, the email states there have been “unforeseen delays with Treasury approval of the overall funding envelope”.


“We are aware of the impact of this on your local decision making processes and are doing everything within our powers to remedy the situation” the email states.


The growing delays mean that Trusts will encounter significant difficulties in being able to spend the first £90m of technology fund money by April next year.


It is thought that the Treasury is insisting that NHS trusts show they will achieve a 1.5 x ROI for central monies in the current year. The demand will rise to 2.5 x ROI on investment for the next financial year.


Several NHS IT directors said these ROI levels will be challenging to evidence and deliver. Trusts much commit to match any funds allocated from the £260m central pot.


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